Strength training has a number of benefits for your body and mind. Increased energy, ease of movement, posture improvement, mental clarity and endurance are all aspects that will be enhanced with increased physical strength.


Having a strong body has a carry on effect to many other areas of your life. I have found that every day tasks became a lot easier when I introduced functional strength training in to my exercise routine. I could carry my groceries easier, bending over to tie my shoe laces was a breeze and running to catch a bus was no problem! My clothes also started to fit better! All these little things soon add up to being able to move through life that much easier, and in turn I was a lot more happier for doing so.

Two to three strength training sessions a week is all it could take to improve your mobility, functionality and range of motion. Think: touching your toes, pushing a lawn mower and playing on the floor with your kids! 


A gym or fitness studio has an abundance of options for starting and increasing your strength. If you are already signed with a gym talk to a trainer about creating a strength program to get started.

Strength training doesn't have to be done in the gym. There are exercises you can do at home in your lounge or your back yard that will help you build muscle, burn fat and discover the strength you never know possible!


Below are some examples of strength workouts that can be performed in the gym, at home and while on holiday.



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