My pregnancy must-haves

As soon as I found out I was growing a small human, I started thinking twice about not only what I was putting in my body for fuel but also what I was putting ON my body.

Throughout the last 3 years of my change in lifestyle I had made small changes around my health and beauty regime, as well as the every day house hold products used around our home. In this time there has definitely been a lot more options available around skin products, cleaning products and hair products – all ranging in vegan, organic, sustainable, cruelty free and containing naturally derived compounds.

This has been a remarkable shift – a new view on skin care that actually does more good than harm! Some companies are moving away from using chemicals to make up their products, and instead investing in a more organic approach.

Everything I consume is passed on to the small baby I’m growing inside of me through it’s placenta. Yes this even means what I use on my skin! This has made me research particular items that I already use to find a safer alternative, and also new things I wanted to try throughout my pregnancy.

I’ve put together my 12 favourite products that I was using in the preparation of getting pregnant and so far throughout this pregnancy.

USANA Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal Core Minerals and Prenatal Vita-Antioxidant –

Our nutritional needs increase when pregnant, and it’s strongly advised to take prenatal supplements.

While this is not necessarily required for every pregnant woman (I advise you to do your own research on this), there are certain vitamins and minerals where if taken to the recommended dose can help to prevent defects of the growing baby. In particular the USANA Prenatal vitamins that I take include folic acid, vitamin A, B vitamins, Coenzyme Q10, magnesium, iodine, zinc and calcium – just to name a few!

These vitamins and minerals can also be beneficial in recovery from pregnancy and birth, so I plan to continue taking them once baby is here too!

USANA Biomega

Omega-3 fatty acids play an important role in a developing foetus and are also very

important for mum to take especially in the third trimester. In the last trimester of pregnancy the baby takes fat from a mothers brain to build their own brain, and if mum isn’t getting enough fatty acids to help this process, she can lose the fat and never regain it again. Heard of “pregnancy brain”? Mums easily forgetting things? Yup – it’s a real thing!

If you would like more information on USANA products or to try them for yourself feel free to contact me and I help arrange this.

GoodHealth Magnesium Cream

There is a lot of strain on a pregnant woman’s body – not just

emotionally but physically as well. Muscles are put under pressure they are not used to and night time cramps can be very common during pregnancy. I started experiencing these in my calf muscles from about 25 weeks, and while it would wake me up I learnt to breath them out instead of tensing up and crying out in pain. I figured this is good practice for the birth! I started rubbing this Magnesium Cream in to my calf muscles before bed each night so that it could be absorbed directly in to my muscles. It smells lovely too!

Magnesium Oil

Magnesium is featuring a fair bit lately! I have experienced intermittent insomnia for

years – usually falling asleep is what I would find most difficult. Since about 27 weeks of pregnancy I have struggled with waking in the night to wee and then not being able to get back to sleep. I have no idea what the time is as I refuse to look, but the tossing and turning that follows feels like it lasts until sunrise. When I get in to bed I spray this oil on the soles of my feet and rub them together, then let them dry before putting them under the covers. It’s absorbed really quickly this way.

COMVITA Winter Wellness

Oral Spray & Manuka Honey Lozenges

When I was about 13-14 weeks along I caught a cold off my husband. Usually we never pass our sickness on to one another – I’m very conscious of hygiene if one of us is sick so that it doesn’t spread. Pregnant women can have a compromised immune system due to the overworking of their bodies growing the baby, and in this case I should have been even MORE careful! Anyway I caught the cold and at this stage I hadn’t got

through my morning/all day sickness completely (it had improved greatly but was not back to my normal self). My hubby and I were milking over these days so I was up early and I can safely say they were the worst 4 days of my entire life. Blocked nose, headaches, sore throat, sweats, nausea and loss of appetite were very real! I wasn’t going to go to the doctor to get anything to help (again, do your own research on this as everyone has different comfort levels with taking medication) so I went to the chemist and told them I was pregnant and what did they have that was natural to take. These lozenges were a god send as they helped soothe my throat especially at night when I was trying to sleep.

The spray helped for a gradual antibacterial treatment for the cough I had.

These products contain manuka honey and propolis which are both great for supporting your immune system and for their antioxidant properties.

Free Range Deodorant

I have gradually made the change from mainstream chemical filled deodorant to more natural alternatives, specifically ones that don’t contain aluminum. A little experimenting took place here and I’m so happy I’ve found the Free Range Deodorant! I changed from the Active to the Sensitive product when I fell pregnant. The Active one isn’t recommended for use during pregnancy due to it containing peppermint essential oil.

Frankie Apothecary Natural Sunscreen

I had wanted to try a natural sunscreen for the coming summer and I thought what better time than when I’m pregnant to give up the mainstream one we had been using for years! There was a sale on this sunscreen so I thought I’d give it a go, plus the sound of shea butter, kawakawa oil and jojoba oil was too good to pass up! This sunscreen is thick and you don’t need much to get a good covering. It absorbs nicely and also repels insects with the kawakawa oil so it’s a win-win! This tub will last me through next summer as well.


Maternity Stretchmark Oil

Stretchmarks from pregnancy are like warrior stripes – something to be proud of I say! They are sometimes inevitable, in that no matter what you do they will appear in

different parts of your body. I’ve always had then on my hips from puberty I imagine, and now from the first trimester when my boobs grew something ridiculous in a short amount of time I have them there as well. While I’m not stressing if they appear on my belly from growing this little one, I do use this oil every night before bed to help keep my skin hydrated. It’s a lovely little ritual I have because I feel like I’m connecting with my baby at the same time, and I ask how they are and what they’re up to. This used to wake them up but now it’s not until I’m lying down about to fall asleep that he or she decides to start doing cart wheels!

This oil contains avocado oil, almond oil, evening primrose oil and olive oil just to name a few. It’s benefits include stretchmark reduction, cell regeneration and skin elasticity.

Perineum Care Cream

My mum is a total advocate for natural birth and she’s super proud that she had both my brother and I naturally without any medical intervention. She puts this down to A LOT of mental and physical preparation, which she did religiously throughout both pregnancies.

One of the first hints she had for me was perineum massage, and how this can be done easily at home in a couple of minutes a day. I’ve looked in to this and decided to start it from about 30 weeks. Some recommendations I came across have said it’s not needed until about 35 weeks but I feel like I want a bit more preparation than this, as baby could decide to arrive any time from 37 weeks (which is considered full term). This cream is going to help me make this a part of my nightly routine in the coming weeks! It smells divine as well!

Lavender Oil

This has been a staple on my bedside drawer for a few years now. As I mentioned

above about intermittent insomnia, I looked in to ways to help with a few years ago. I find lavender oil so so soothing and calming, so a couple of drops on my wrists before bed is lovely. I used to put it on my pillow (just a couple of drops) every night as well to begin with but now I find I just need a small whiff and it seems to kick in.

I plan to use this during my labour and birth as well, most likely mixed in with other oils to use in a diffuser.

Coffee Body Scrub

I have always enjoyed a little pamper session where I exfoliate and moisturise my skin. Combining this with the smell of coffee is like heaven on earth! I was given this pack of coffee scrub from my best friend when she got married and I’ve used it regularly ever since.

There’s something so lovely about rubbing my growing belly, so having the excuse of exfoliating my skin at the same time is amazing! And my skin always feels fresh and cherished afterwards.

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