Transition Blog Part 3

After a fairly relaxing week last week, you could say this week was the total opposite.

Monday started off with us leaving The Mount and heading to Brendan's parents place as we had a few things there that needed to be packed up. We also went to our old house to get our little chickies sorted - we can lock them in the nesting part of their coup so that when it goes on a trailer they don't go flying out the back!

It was an early start on Tuesday to pack all our things into a moving truck and three trailers. We had a band of helpers which was amazing and made the work so much easier. We got to our new house just after midday and my parents had been there doing some cleaning. Mum had the soup on the stove all ready for us, and Brendan's mum had made a bacon and egg pie as well.

The next three days is a bit of a blur of unpacking the house while trying to coordinate the farm going ons as well. The morning after we moved in a stock truck arrived at 8am to unload some cows! No rest for the wicked at all.

We had a few more stock trucks arrive the next day and by late afternoon we had all the stock on farm. We had a mixture come from up the Coromandel, near where we were in Te Awamutu, down the road at Turua and the longest journey from Waikete Valley. It's good to have them on farm and get them a bit settled. I'm not sure when we are going to try and run them through the shed but that will be a big job. Especially for heifers (young cows having their first calf) as they freak out a bit walking into cow sheds and having cups put on them. It will take a bit of work to help calm them down and get them comfortable with what's going on.

The weekend was a bit more chilled out, and we got things sorted around home like plugging the TV in and setting up the internet. We have turned the couch around about a dozen times to see the best way it will fit in our lounge! The living area in our new house is a different lay out to our old one, so I think we might have to make a couple of changes to our furniture. Our dining table is a big 8 seater and it has to be pushed up against a wall at the moment so it can fit. That wall will be coming out soon however.....

I'm happy to say the first few nights have been good in our new place. I haven't been on the farm much as I've been sorting things around home, but I'm going to get out there with Brendan in the next few weeks to get the hang of things before little baby calves are being born!

Our cat stayed in a cattery for about 10 days while we packed up and moved, and I picked him up on Friday. He put on a bit of weight in there, and he's been a bit unsettled since coming to the new place. They say you should lock your cat inside for a few days when you move, so that they can get used to the new smells but he jumped out a window then followed me to the chicken coup! I think our puppy missed him, but Arley (the cat) wasn't too phased about seeing her again! Abby (our dog) has transitioned magically. She loves being on the farm with Brendan and even sits in the tractor with him. She's absolutely exhausted, to say the least, at the end of the day and puts herself to bed at like 7pm because she's so tired! She's shit scared of the cows and has had a few zaps on the electric fences, but she's a "farm dog" now so I guess that all comes with the territory!

I had an acupuncture session in amongst all this which was just amazing. While I didn't fall asleep (like I have one other time!) it was super relaxing. I often hear people snoring in there, that's how relaxing it can be. My acupuncturist is Chinese and is so knowledgeable it's really interesting. I always have cold feet when I go in there so he puts a heat pack on them and it's actually AMAZING. I feel like I'm in heaven for about an hour! Next appointment is Tuesday afternoon.

I'm also hoping to make a start to my home gym which will be going in the back part of our garage. It's carpeted and has a sliding door out to one side. A few things I'd like to include are:

- Swiss ball (as in the picture ^ )

- Kettlebells - probably an 8kg, 12kg, 16kg and 22kg

- Dumbbells - A whole rack would be good so from 1kg to 10kg but they are pretty pricey, so I might just have to build that up.

- Boxes - Probably in two sizes for box jumps and also single leg elevated exercises.

- A hook for my TRX - this is great for balance, coordination and core strength.

- Spin bike - This will be like a dream come true as they are quite expensive!

- Medicine ball - Endless exercises can be done with these! Love doing wall balls and core exercises with them.

- Weight bar - Not too sure what I'm going to do here as an Olympic style bar (20kg) would be ideal but you really need a squat rack for that. This is good to do push press's with, and also deadlifts.

Next week I'll be filling you in on our worker, Josh, starting! He moved in last week and his first day is Tuesday. So many new responsibilities!

I'll leave you with this quote which really resonates with me. I firmly believe that we don't all have the same opinions and values, but that doesn't mean we can't be friendly to one another. I wouldn't expect everyone to agree with everything I believe and I don't agree with everything others believe. Plus that would be boring! It's great to have healthy conversations with people with different opinions.

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