Transition Blog Part 1

Well, where to start.

I’ve been sitting here for about 11 minutes wondering how I start this series off!

This is going to be an (approximately) 4 week blog series following my husband and I packing up what has been our life for the last 2 years and moving about an hour away to begin a new job as sharemilkers.

I’ve started this from the moment I finish up in my full time role as an Administrator at an accounting firm in Te Awamutu. This is the longest job I’ve ever had! That might say a lot for someone my age as it’s really common for people to move around and change jobs these days. That's exactly what I did for about 4-5 years while we saved to travel, but when we decided to move back to New Zealand we wanted to stay somewhere for a while.

Now we’re off on our next adventure and this is definitely something more permanent. Running a dairy farm, milking 350 cows, raising calves and employing a staff member is what we will be all about now! We are moving back to the area that I grew up in, and I’ve been gone just over 10 years! Nestled somewhere between Morrinsville, Waihi, Thames and Ngatea is a town called Paeroa (L&P anyone?!). You might recognise it from the big L&P bottle, and it’s a through traffic town for anyone going from Auckland to Tauranga or Hamilton to the Coromandel.

So this first week has seen a bit of everything. I finished work on a Friday, and a whole week before my husband finished on the farm. This meant we had a solid 7 days to finish what packing and cleaning we had already started.

Never in my life have I had to pack up a whole house! It was a 4 bedroom 1 bathroom situation. We used one bedroom as an office, and the other two were made up as spare rooms. The first 4 days were solid packing. Clearing out room-by-room and fitting as much into our garage as we could, then cleaning the room. We actually took a whole trailer load of junk to the dump, plus another front-end loader bucket! I was being pretty ruthless by the end, and decided that if we hadn’t used something in the two years we had been back in NZ then it was out – it didn’t make the cut. A couple of other things that we used just for the sake of using them went out as well – some shelves that Brendan built when he was about 13 just didn’t need to be moved! My mother-in-law came to help clean one day, which was a godsend as she did the whole kitchen once I had cleared all the contents out. About 4 hours done there!

By Wednesday I was pretty knackered, and that morning I had been asked to speak at a Pink Breakfast that my old workplace was holding. I got to share my BRCA1 journey with about 55 people, which was amazing, and I had an incredible response from it. One lady even came up to be afterwards and said she is trying to be tested for the BRCA mutation due to her family history! What a brave woman, and she will be empowered no matter what the result is.

After the breakfast I took our cat Arley to the cattery where he will be residing until we are all set up in the new house. We thought this would be the least disruptive for him, as we would hate to scare him when he comes to the new house and then he runs away!

Next was an acupuncture appointment – I’ve been going once a week for the last 6 weeks or so. I actually fell asleep in this appointment! I can usually never sleep anywhere but at night time in my bed, let alone at 11am in a Chinese medicine clinic! Perhaps an indication of how I was feeling after a few days of physical work.

The next couple of days was the last little bit of packing and cleaning while another worker moved in to our old house. I’m so happy I made the decision to finish work when I did instead of working right up until the day we had to be out of the house! You might be wondering why we are moving out before the 1st of June as this is the usual change over period. We decided that going into a new farm take over for our first self employed job that we needed some time without our full time jobs to get a few things sorted. Combine this with my husband working on a 1000+ cow farm with split calving, we also decided he needed a decent break before going head strong into our new job.

This has lead to the last couple of days where we have stayed at my in-laws in Tirau. My husband slept for about 11 hours on Friday night! I got up and took our dog Abby for a walk in the morning then pretty much didn’t leave the house after that except to get a delicious mocha from Over the Moon in Putaruru. I slept a solid 8.5 hours that night!

Today I got up to take Abby for a run in the fresh frost which was incredible. It was brisk but so calm and quiet. Then we walked the Te Waihou Walkway to the Blue Spring which was a 10km round trip. With 1km to go I stupidly sprained my ankle while walking on flat ground! I slipped on the nettle that was covering a rock and just went over. Crap it hurt! I’ve sprained this ankle so many times and I’m sure every time I do it, it hurts even more! So this afternoon has been foot up with an ice pack on it which isn’t ideal considering how cold it’s been! It’s swollen and tender but not too painful anymore.

This got me thinking that perhaps I did my ankle because my body was telling my to calm the F down and rest. Sure I was fairly relaxed at the time and absolutely loved taking in the scenery, but I had also not really given my body and mind a chance to chill since finishing up at work.

Since I don’t really have much planned for the next 5 days apart from what you will read about next week, I think someone somewhere timed it perfectly!

A lamb roast is waiting for me know – stay tuned for my next update!

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