Creating a healthy lifestyle

I'm not about fad diets, quick fixes, detox teas or "slimming" shake programs.


And you know what? They DIDN'T WORK. They have you eating like a rabbit for weeks, replacing a meal with some powder dissolved in water and more often than not you find yourself sitting on the toilet more than you know you should be.

Lack of energy, headaches, tiredness and irritability were all feelings that went along with trying the above mentioned unmentionables.

As soon as I finished whatever program I was using to try and "shed those unwanted kilos", I just went straight back to eating the same as I was before and there was no change in the way I looked and felt about my body.

I didn't learn ANYTHING about nourishing food, positive ways to move my body, how to have a healthy relationship with food and most importantly how to treat ME as the most important piece of this crazy puzzle we call life.

Now, years later, I've learned the hard way what it is my body loves to be fed, ways it loves to be moved how it likes to be spoken to (by me!) - note: I'm still learning every day!

Balance, moderation, nourishing food, self love and positive thoughts are important aspects I do my best to address each day, and incorporate them into an overall holistic approach to my lifestyle.

I find making one change at a time the most sustainable way to incorporate change. Once you have that nailed then try something else.

A few examples of this could be:

- Going for a walk each morning before breakfast for three mornings a week

- Swap your Friday night wine for a soda and fresh lime

- Instead of store brought tomato sauce try making your own with canned tomatoes, onion and spices

- Schedule an afternoon walk with a friend on the weekend

- Try green tea instead of your morning coffee every second day

- Squeeze fresh lemon juice on your salad instead of store brought dressings

- Drink 3 litres of water a day

You will find that little changes amount to big results, and you will soon see and feel those results in your every day life - improved skin, better sleeping, increased energy, less money spent at take away shops, moving your body will become easier and your clothes will fit a little better.

If I can do it, you can DEFINITELY do it!!!!

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