Day 60!


The anticipation is all over – I survived the 60 days to tell (you) the tale! Who would have thought – 60 days with no caffeine, alcohol, sugar or processed foods.

WELL, just to clear up any confusion, I think I stuck to this about 98% of the time. To be completely honest I could have totally done it 100%, it would have just meant being so organised with my food that the time it would have taken to prepare something for just myself would have cut into another aspect of my life I wasn’t willing to give up – either gym time, relaxing time, sleeping, family time or work time (ok maybe I would have been willing to give up work time but my boss may have started asking questions!). So, all things considered, I think I did quite well and really gave my liver the break it needed.

What I’ll do from here is the next question. Since I feel so normal – think: even energy levels, very minimal cravings for sweet things - I’m still alive even though I haven’t had coffee – and not either incredibly fantastic nor absolutely terrible. It's not like I do not want to go another day like this, and it has made me want to continue on this lifestyle. As I mentioned in my previous post, the benefits I’ve noticed seem to be outweighing the (if any) negatives. I’ve broken them down a little here:


- Clearer skin

- Less cravings for sweet foods after eating, or even just in general

- Virtually NO dreams at night, which were an extremely common occurrence prior to this detox. I’ve since read that sugar can contribute to very vivid and real dreams, and that would explain a lot since I was a frequent dessert eater!

- My moods have been a lot more stable, and I feel a lot more relaxed. Although I am naturally quite a patient person, I had noticed in the past I could lose my cool too quickly or snap at un-necessary things (sorry hubby). Over the last month or so I’ve noticed my old self appearing a bit more – being able to laugh things off, not take things so seriously and also I haven’t let little superficial things get to me and potentially ruin my day.

- Even energy levels. I find I can get through an afternoon at work with less yawning (and no I was not getting more sleep than before this detox) and less cravings for pick me ups.

- An increased knowledge of what foods have hidden sugars and how to nourish my body from the inside out.

- A better understanding of what my body is capable of. I don’t NEED the foods I was eating, and I can function perfectly well, in fact better, without processed foods, sugar, alcohol and caffeine in my body.

I hope you have enjoyed being a part of my journey, and that you can take something from what I’ve shared. I would really encourage anyone to try a detox like this. It will be nourishing and beneficial for your body to have a break from the every day overload of processed foods, sugar and caffeine.

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