Day 58 - 59

I’m pretty sure the last week has gone the fastest out of the whole time I’ve been doing this detox. Knowing I only have a few days to go before I’m “allowed” to have something I haven’t had for 60 days is getting me through the very last stint. Even though my mindset has been focussed on eating wholefoods and plenty of vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains and fruit, I have still found myself thinking about the processed foods I haven’t eaten in nearly a couple of months.

However, I feel as though these last 10 or so days have actually been the easiest when it comes to staying on track. I’ve noticed my cravings have nearly vanished – definitely no more massive afternoon slump where I feel like downing a chocolate bar (note: for as long as I remember I’ve had those cravings, but very rarely actually gave into them), and I don’t feel like something sweet after every single meal (more like every second!). My moods have been a lot more stable – I don’t feel on a high or a low at certain times of the day and my temper isn’t as short as it used to be sometimes – like I feel a bit more laid back now. My skin has cleared up quite dramatically – since going off the contraceptive pill in May 2014 when I found out I tested positive for the BRCA gene mutation my skin was like it was when I was a teenager – oily and pimply. This had started to even out just under a year ago, but I’d still get breakouts especially around the time my period was due. Over the last probably 2 weeks I’ve noticed my skin is a lot clearer and while it’s still a tad oily it’s not nearly as bad as it was.

All of these things really make me want to continue the lifestyle I’ve adopted for the last nearly 60 days. It does take a lot of preparation, planning and research (yes nearly every time I’ve eaten out I’ve looked the menu up first!), and sometimes I feel like I have to take the kitchen sink with me whenever I go out, but honestly, that’s a small price to pay when it comes to my health.

While I think I will relax a little – as there were some Friday’s where I would have loved to have gone home and guzzled a glass of wine after work, or shared a friends birthday cake with her, or had a COFFEE! – I will keep the sugar, alcohol and caffine for special occasions. Just so you get an idea that would be my birthday for some cake, a few drinks while away on holiday, coffee only once or twice a week, and perhaps an indulgent once a month if there’s something coming up that I want to treat myself to. Everything in moderation, and having healthy mindset is just as important - don't beat yourself up over a small slip or setback!

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