Day 55 & 56

A quiet weekend was well needed after a busy couple of weeks.

Although, I do still find it interesting how weekends can dwindle away so quickly and before you know it, it’s late Sunday afternoon and you’re thinking about the upcoming week already!

My weekend found me hitting the gym to work on some lower body exercises (hello elevated lunges, Romanian deadlifts and kettlebell squats!), pottering around the vege garden (those damn white butterflies will be the death of me!), experimenting in the kitchen (watch this space) and last but not least baby sitting our farm bosses children.

The last point was a piece of cake, considering they have 5 kids aged between 2 and 12. I was prepped with some bribes (freshly baked M&M cookies) just in case they all started a riot as soon as Mum and Dad were out the door. Fortunately, the cookies were not needed, but I left them there as a treat for them in the morning anyway. I did, however, score half a fresh coconut from our boss, so I’ve had fun digging the flesh out of that!

Sunday I decided I needed a rest day, and since hubby was complaining of a sore back I found the lower back and leg stretching sequence on For 45 minutes we stretched and slow breathed – and I definitely came out the other side feeling better!

There’s nothing like really relaxing your posture and letting gravity work it’s magic on tense muscles.

Less than one week to go on this challenge. I'm feeling a lot better - both mentally and physically. Having something to follow or keep track of has always been appealing to me, as long as it doesn't get boring! I have had to get pretty creative in the kitchen, because i pretty much exhausted all my favourite unprocessed and healthy meal ideas in about the first two weeks! I hope you like seeing all the photos of my food - this has helped keep me on track as well because I know I have to practice what I preech on here!

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