Day 47 - 49

And here I was thinking all the tough weekends were over!

I find preparation is really important when it comes to sticking to this detox. The couple of times I’ve just thought “oh nah, I’ll be right. There will be something I can eat!” and it’s been nearly the complete opposite. And without sounding like the super fussy/picky eater, I’m always wanting to fit in with whatever the group decides to do…

A lovely two night trip away to a local beach was the perfect way to recharge the batteries. Think lots of swimming, walks on the beach, fresh local fruit, runs with the pooch and catching up with friends.

I took some of my seedy crackers to have with left over kale pesto I made a few weeks back, salad greens and plenty of fruit and eggs.

We found a cute little drink and snack spot called The Secret Garden (which was actually a very fitting name considering the setting!). I got my green smoothie fix – it was so refreshing with kale, coconut water, banana, date syrup (dates soaked in hot water) and cucumber. The little bliss ball was just like how I make at home as well – all refined sugar free - just how our bodies like it.

As important as it is to be prepared and consistent with your eating and exercise routine, it’s also just as important to rest and take breaks. And by rest I mean REALLY rest. Like, read a good book, lie on the couch and listen to music (without your phone!), lie with your legs up the wall (this is especially good if you do a lot of running or sports), have a cup of tea outside on the step or stop and take 20 deep breaths. It’s important for our bodies to get some sort of relaxation – and in a world where we have stressful jobs, a to do list as long as our femurs and demanding environments, all while surviving off very little restful sleep, it’s no wonder people are always looking for a quick fix when it comes to their health.

Make looking after your body a priority, and everything else will fall into place.

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