Day 43-45

I think my body has gone into shock! A full weekend of netball antics has taken its toll (am I getting old?!).

Monday was a much needed rest day. I got up at my usual 6am and did a 35 minute flow yoga video that I found on and it was great. I’ve also done the 45 minute lower back, legs and hip stretch video and that’s amazing! After a big day at work with a lot of sitting and standing, it feels incredible to stretch everything out. I especially get tight hip flexors, due to sitting, which means my glutes are not very strong and my IT band tries to compensate for all of this. In the past this has resulted in right knee pain when I run, so it’s good to know I have options to manage this!

I have noticed, over the years, that whenever I do a big day or couple of days of exercise I always want to “reward’ myself with either a lot more food than I usually would, or with some food that doesn’t nourish my body. For example, after the second half-marathon I ran a couple of years back, we went out for lunch and of course I had a burger and chips because “I deserved it”. A few months ago hubby and I walked up Pirongia and it took about 7 hours so we were pretty stuffed by the time we got back. So that night I had an extra large dinner and then ice cream for dessert because “I deserved it”.

So Sunday afternoon once I got home from the weekend away, and Monday, I had a little voice in the back of my mind saying “go on, have more almonds, you deserve it after that big weekend” and “why didn’t you pack those bliss balls for your lunch? A couple of them would go down great – so do you have anything else sweet to eat? You had a big weekend of exercising!”. In reality, I do not NEED more of these foods. I was well fuelled over the weekend, I didn’t feel weak or lacking in energy or anything like that. So why was I thinking I needed more food? I’m not sure – perhaps in the past this is how I have rewarded myself for achieving something. Did my parents reward me with food? Has someone, at some point, said to me “you worked really hard – do you want a treat now?”? Do I give people food when they have done something impressive – without even realising it? All of these things ring a little true, so I guess the next question is – is this a healthy way of rewarding or being rewarded?

Tuesday was back to netball training in the evening which I thought might have been a real struggle. I wasn’t really in the mental space to put into practice everything we had done over the weekend but the group of girls I have in my team are so great that it didn’t take long!

Wednesday morning my netball coach invited me to a workout session with his daughter and a couple of others in our team. He said I need to work more on my explosive movements, which a crossfit style workout will help with. So the warm up was 3 x 250m on the rowing machine, trying to keep a consistent speed over every round. Next, we worked in pairs so me and one other took turns doing a burpee then jumping over a box, another burpee then jump over the box again – 10 times, then get on the sprint bike and bike 1km. Then you get to rest while the other person does the same thing, and repeat this 5 times. We worked for about 13 minutes in total but it was intense and I was dripping in sweat by the end of it!

Have you been following my green smoothie/juice challenge on Facebook and Instagram? The girls from @megsandsoph started it and @motivatemenz joined in as well. I was a bit late in starting but I’ve managed to have one every day! Great way to get creative with your smoothies, and it’s always good knowing you’re having an extra serving of greens in your diet! Try my Energising Green Smoothie recipe here or whip one up and tag Just Live in it so I can see what you’ve come up with!

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