Day 41-42

So if I had thought I had challenges in the last 40-odd days, they were nothing compared to this weekend!

I had contemplated not playing netball this year, as I have played nearly every year except about 5 years since I was 5. I felt like I was in a good place with my training and yoga, and was on a bit of a roll with my routine The season is quite long and it means giving up most Saturday’s for the next 5-6 months to play. The games are even at 3pm sometimes! So I thought I’d flag it this year… until I was talked into trialling from my captain from last season and the coach. Two teams were made – a Premier team and a Premier Reserve team. I was selected for the latter which is great as I get to play with a few others that were in my team last year as well.

Part of making one of these teams meant attending a netball camp this weekend in Rotorua – based around skill and fitness training. It means basically two whole days and one night away. I told my coach prior to the weekend that I’ve cut out sugar of my diet and he said no probs there will be things I can eat. In reality, I should not have taken this so seriously and prepped myself basically for every meal.

We stayed at a marae and I wasn’t sure what the facilities would be like – should I take meat that needs chilling? What about some extra veggies?

Breakfast on the first day needed to be sorted ourselves even though we left just after 6:30am, but was fine as I soaked some oats overnight and added some berries in the morning. It was mentioned that lunch would be wraps and in some naïve way I had imagined there would be proper salad greens and veggies, and meat of some sort to go on the wraps. I should have been prepared for the worst! In saying that, the wraps were a good option and the bagged salad stuff was nice, but the meat was the processed ham/chicken breast sliced/beef stuff.

When faced with a situation like this I try to make it the best possible – all things taken into consideration. I knew I had another tough afternoon training session to go, and some salad and sliced meat just wasn’t going to get me through to a point where I had the energy to move like I needed. I also knew it was going to be a long time until dinner (about 4-5 hours) with probably an opportunity to have some fruit in between. So I had one wrap with meat and salad (lots of salad!) and then another plate of more salad. And then an apple.

That evening was a buffet dinner. Who on earth wants to go to a buffet when they are doing a no sugar and no processed foods detox!? NOT ME!!!! But what was I going to do? Not attend the camp because of the DINNER option? Not go to the dinner and eat at the marae by myself while everyone else is off having fun? Go to the dinner and just sip water all night? No, no and no. I was determined to go and choose the best option that was on offer to me.

There was a great salad bar – fresh spinach, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and chickpeas! There was also cold smoked salmon, steamed vegetables and roasted vegetables! I was one happy chappy. Although, these were a little hard to find in amongst the curries, cheese sauces, pastas, cured meats and soups!

I WAS going to just not even look at dessert, I thought how could there possible be ANYTHING I can eat in there. But when I walked passed someone with a bowl of fruit I thought I would give it a go. Lucky I did because not only was there fresh melon, pineapple and grapes, but there was also a cheese platter with pumpkin seeds and walnuts – score!! That was me sorted!

Our coach had said breakfast would be cereals, toast and fruit, which immediately made me think of something else I could take to eat instead. A lot of store brought cereals are loaded with hidden sugars and preservatives, disguised by clever marketing and attractive advertising.

Lucky I had a supply of my healthy muesli in the pantry, so I took a container of that from hom, and nabbed an apple and peach from the team supply to have on top. This was a good amount of carbohydrates to fuel me for another few hours of netball. My recovery was aided by some bliss balls I made with walnuts, dates, seeds and coconut - the perfect way to end a busy weekend. Once I got home I prepared this:

A good mix of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats to help my muscles repair from the intense weekend.

All in all I think I made the best of a challenging situation. In hindsight I should have been alot more prepared in order to stick to my 60 day challenge 100%, but I'm ok with the small slip upI had. In reality, it would be incredibly hard to stick to something like I'm doing every signle day for your whole life. People do more intense eating regeimes than this in preparation for bikini competitions and body building competitions, but usually that's only for a very short amount of time, and it's not very good for overall health and wellness.

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