Day 39 & 40

Only 20 days to go!

That's less than 3 weeks!

I’m loving all of the feedback from this blog! Hearing positive things such as “I like what you’re doing with your blog!”, “I read your blog last night”, “I tried making this and that on the weekend and it turned out so well! It even got the approval from the boyfriend!”. A couple of people have even said they are going to join me for the second half of my detox and give up something that doesn’t seem to be serving them at the moment which is great. Nothing has to be "permanent" here - life is all about trial and error! Some things you will wonder why on earth it could be good for you, other things you just won't be able to get enough of.

I love the saying: If nothing changes, then nothing changes.

It’s one thing wishing that you could be whatever it is you want to be – smarter, leaner, stronger, less bloated, more energetic, able to do a single pull up, able to bend over and tie your shoes etc etc – but if you don’t actually take ANY steps to get you there, then you won’t! Did you think Sir Edmund Hillary got to the Mt Everest summit without doing any training? Did Usain Bolt win the 100m sprint gold medal after doing a couple of test runs? (Probably!). I know these are extreme examples, but both of those people are still only human, but they had a goal in mind and created steps to reach those goals

If you want something to change, or you want to reach a certain goal, then DO IT!

Make a plan, break down the goal into small steps you can do every day or every week and keep reminding yourself of that end goal. You may have slip ups, you may go backwards, but never lose sight of what you really want.

I guess I haven’t really talked about why I wanted to do this 60 day liver-lovin’ detox, have I? Apart from the odd mention of bad habits creeping in and a possible addiction to sugar, I’ve only talked about my daily challenges in keeping to this detox.

Personally, I do not like being dependant on things. I like to be responsible for myself, and do not like relying on other people or objects or things to be happy. It’s been about a year and a half now that I’ve realised I was becoming dependant on coffee. I needed one every morning either just before work, or as soon as I got to work. I needed it to wake up, to help me feel good, and to have something to bond with my colleagues over. I needed it to feel warm inside, to feel “cool” at a café and I needed it to take a photo of and post on Instagram! In the end if became a habit, and I struggled to walk passed a cafe without stopping to buy one. Even every trip to Mitre 10 Mega made me feel like going to the cafe there to grab one for the drive home!

Why did I need it like that? I’m not sure. Apart from the obvious one of making me feel awake, but a lot of the time I would be feeling absolutely fine, but still crave a coffee. It was a social and emotional connection to those I was with, but also a comfort thing for myself.

Going the last 40 days without a coffee has most definitely tested my willpower, and I've found I have not been very keen on going out to cafes so I don't feel tourtured while everyone else is drinking coffee. Thank goodness for green tea and fresh juices!

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