Day 36 & 37

The weekend was fairly non eventful. There weren’t any social events so I wasn’t faced with a food choosing challenge. Two gym sessions and a walk up a nearby mountain with a work friend were a couple of things I enjoyed! Weekends full of activites like that are always my favourite.

I feel like I have some really good habits in place now. I’m noticing how certain foods serve and, and how some do not as much.

The first I want to talk about is oats.

While yes, I agree, the store bought oats have been processed (to a degree) to get to the point of being in a bag to buy, and I have said 60 days without processed foods. However, oats are a natural food item, they are grown and have great nutritional value. If I eat these for breakfast I find I am a lot fuller for longer. This is down to the fibre content in the oats, and also the fact that they’re a low GI (glycemic index) carbohydrate - which is a measure of how much the food affects the blood sugar level in your body with low being a slow release of energy, and minimal spike in blood sugars. The fibre content is classed as soluable, which means that it absorbs liquid (so the oats are best soaked in water or milk overnight before eating!) and helps with keeping you “regular”.

The second is fruit. I LOVE FRUIT. All kinds, in basically any form. My ultimate favourite would have to be strawberries by a long way, then nectarines, pineapple and watermelon. I love a good apple too, though!

I will admit, I have cut down on my fruit consumption a fair bit since doing this liver-lovin’ detox, primarily because fruit has various sugar contents. I know the nutritional value of fruit far outweighs the sugar existence, however I had been using fruit to curb sugar cravings. Of course it is a healthy alternative to, say, a chocolate bar, but I’m wanting to give my liver a break from having to process so much sugar. The fruits that contain higher levels of sugar (such as bananas, mangoes and grapes) will have an impact on your blood sugar levels, increasing them which will result in insulin production. I have also noticed that the times I do eat fruit (mainly for breakfast) I am always a little hungrier during the day. They do not have the filling effect compared to, for example, protein in eggs or oats.

Every day is still a learning curve! I know these habits I’m developing will stick around a while – at least I will try my best to keep them around! Only eating when you’re actually hungry, stop eating when you have had about two fist sizes of food and no mindless snacking all make a huge difference to your daily energy levels and mood.

These are some paleo burgers I made on Friday night.

I was really craving a burger, and before I would have just gone to the supermarket and bought some burger buns. I got on the Google machine and looked up healthy alternatives, and when I saw pictures of roasted chunks of sweet potato being used at the "buns" I thought I'd give it a go! They were delicious, however a little hard to eat! Obviously they're a lot smaller than a regular burger, but I was ok with that if it meant I was getting more nutrition!

The patties are just made with mince, garlic, onion, mixed herbs, fresh corriander and parsley.

I also made some mayo to go on these, and I really want to make them seem authentic! Two egg yolks beaten with 1 cup of coconut milk, then crushed garlic, mustard seeds, ground chilli, paprika and chilli flakes.

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