Days 29 - 31

Half way!


It actually doesn’t even feel like I’ve been doing this for 30 days, it’s gone so quick. Taking every day as it comes, dealing with cravings and obstacles as they arise and preparing myself as much as possible has all contributed to getting through the last 30 days without any alcohol, coffee, sugar or processed foods (apart from the meal at my Nan’s that I mentioned a couple of blog posts back).

However, halfway still only means that – I am only halfway.

Who’s to say the second half will be easier? Maybe it will be harder? Will my cravings EVER go away – or are they etched in my mind and body forever? I’m sure there must be some more in-depth science behind this.

This is meatloaf incase you can't tell! It's amazing how you can create vibrant flavours in your food without the store brought sauces and additives!

The dinner I went out for on the night of the 31st day was possibly the hardest to date. Every other meal out I’ve been able to have alternatives to sugar laden desserts (in particular), but this night I didn’t. We had been to a netball game with my parents and a relative from Scotland, and then decided to go out for dinner. After my delicious pan fried fish, kumara and spinach salad and sweetcorn, everyone else wanted a dessert. I should just not even have looked at the dessert menu, because as soon as I started reading things like sorbet, salted caramel, tart, chocolate, banoffee etc etc my mouth started to water! Everyone ordered, and two even for the salted caramel cheesecake with chocolate soil (hehehehe) which would have been like a party in my mouth.

Oh, the struggle is real! I held back, and even sat back so I couldn’t smell all that sugary-ness!

In the car on the way home my hubby started farting (sorry :) just being honest!) and he had had the cheesecake. Was this evidence of what these foods do inside your gut? As delicious as they sound and taste, is it worth the stress and strain put on your body for the next 12+ hours that the food is trying to be processed? Maybe some things are (I think this cheesecake might have been worth it hahaha) but not every day; not every lunch time or every dinner time; so that there’s such a backlog on your digestive system and you cannot absorb the nutrients from the whole foods you have eaten prior to the sweet dessert. Think about this, and think about how often you might be putting your body and digestive system under this strain.

Then think about how your body will thank you for fuelling it with real, whole, natural foods.

Here is my trusty two eggs and one banana pancake! Blend them together and here you have an amazing quick breakfast filled with protein, carbs and fat! Topped with thie raspberry chia seed jam found here.

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