Day 27 & 28

Ahhh the weekend rolls around once again. It’s funny, usually during the week I say, yeah I don’t have too much planned, probably just chill out at home, do a few jobs.

WELL. That “chilling” never really happens. Unless you count sitting down to fold washing (re: stinky overalls), or to eat! Once I’ve walked the dog, made breakfast, gone to the gym, checked the chickens for eggs, food and water, put on some washing, hung out some washing, prepped something for dinner, eaten lunch and made something for my lunches during the week, it’s like 4pm and I haven’t watched a single minute of Making a Murderer (new all time fave. OMG DID HE DO IT?!). Don’t worry, the thoughts of sugar and coffee are all in there somewhere, especially when hubby comes in from milking and makes a plunger coffee! And to be honest, if I was just “chilling” then I would be finding it a whole lot harder to not go searching for that bag of ‘off limits’ food that I stashed somewhere in the pantry (bottom right if you’re wondering).

Saturday night was a lovely meal out with friends in Hamilton. It’s really hard not to be “the fussy one” when it comes to choosing restaurants and picking something to eat. I don’t want to rain on everyones parade if they really want to go to a certain place, and I know that if I ever got stuck, surely every restaurant would either have salad greens and chicken, and they could just throw together a salad, or even steam me some veggies and I would be happy. It just goes to show that unless you prepare food yourself, you never really know what goes into it. Especially when it comes to sauces and dressing, they may be labelled fat free, low fat, dairy free etc etc, but if you looked at the ingredient list you would see sugar would be in the top 5! Makes you wonder how they can make a sauce taste savoury when there’s so much sugar in it!

Sunday was a lovely brunch cruise out on Lake Taupo. The cruising part sounded lovely, it’s the brunch part that bought on feelings of worry. Would they have something that I could eat? Or would it just be cold water and a green tea? I did make a banana smoothie with some protein powder, almond milk and dates to have on our way there, just in case there really was nothing on offer at the brunch that would fit my eating plan. Thankfully there was grilled tomato, eggs and fruit – makes for a happy camper!

I also wanted to make a little something in the kitchen over the weekend. My facebook news feed is always full of delicious looking healthy foods, and one that popped up was a raspberry cheesecake and also for almond biscuits. Click below if you would like the recipes!

Raspberry Cheesecake

Almond Biscuits with raspberry chia seed jam

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