Day 26

I can’t believe I have gone nearly FOUR weeks without any sugar or coffee!

And I’m still alive!

I have not crumpled into a decaffeinated mess at my desk when the work starts to pile up, nor have I turned into a sour mortal (I don’t think!) by not having a sweet dessert every night after dinner. And to be honest, I actually get surprised when I’m sitting at my desk on a warm sunny afternoon, and actually don’t feel tired! This is new to me – usually I get that 3pm slump where I struggle to keep my eyes open - especially in the warmer months when the sun shines directly on my desk. I don’t reach for a coffee at this time to wake me up (never have) as I know it will keep me awake all night, so I am usually opting for something sweet to give me a lil kick.

Now, instead, I don’t really know what to do with myself! The feeling of needing something is definitely there, but what I "need" I'm still trying to work out. Physically I'm not hungry, so I don't need something to eat, so perhaps it's some sort of stimulation I'm after. At about this point in anyones day (3-4pm) it's quite common to have a wave of tiredness and fatigue. It's usually been 2-3 hours since lunch, so depending on what you ate your blood sugar levels could be at an all time low. You may have also not had a very good nights sleep, and it's about now that you're feeling it the most!

I've started to notice a few things over the last couple of weeks around this time of day. If I've eaten good fats (re: avocado or nuts) with my lunch then I don't really feel like anything sweet at this time of day; also if I've gone for a walk at lunchtime - even just 15-20 minutes around the shops - then I don't get the little "what should i do with myself apart from work, check facebook or eat that left over birthday cake in the work fridge" thought. Working in a desk bound job doesn't really help this situation I might add, humans aren't designed to sit for the majority of the day, so to keep energy levels consistent thoughout your day take regular breaks. Just walk to the toilet for the sake of getting up! Refill your drink bottle (even if it's not empty) or grab another cup of tea - these will release your organs from being squashed from sitting, and help the blood flow through your body.

Again, it's about creating new habits, to help you overcome the habits that pulled you into a vicious cycle of using sugar to get "evergy".

On Sunday it will be 28 days left of my liver-lovin' detox, which means only 32 days to go.

Join me for the last 30! I encourage you to test yourself! What could be the worst thing that could happen? You discover a strong inner willpower? You feel amazing? You miss whatever it is you cut out?

These will all be character building experiences, and ones I guarantee will not kill you.

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