Day 24

Typical day at work, but usual Wednesday afternoon PT was cancelled so I went to a Hatha Flow class instead.

Hatha flow is a lovely type of yoga that focusses on slow movements and controlled breathing. Imagine – downward dogs, cobras, the tree, the tortoise, sun salutation and child’s pose. Every pose has an impact on different impact on the body. For example we did “the camel” which, if done in the morning, can create energy, but if done at night can help with relaxation.

Below is an example of a sun salutation sequence

It's hard to describe how doing these movements feels, it's like having all the blood in your body flow through your veins at a very even pace, enhancing every muscle and nerve ending. Your heart rates rises, but to the point where you feel awake and alert, but not anxious or jittery. As soon as you pause, all of the above returns to resting and you just feel content.

In today's modern technology enhanced world, the need to stay connected 24/7 is very powerful. Incorporating a restful exercise into your week can help you dis-connect from the urgency of every day life. I'm yet to try meditation or relaxing music, but yoga has been a great start for calming my nerves basically. Switching off from your "to-do" list can be incredibly hard, but even just 20 minutes a day of being in a mindful state has many health benefits including:

- Increased immunity

- Reduces ageing

- Improves sleep

- Increased serotonin production (think better moods and feelings of happiness)

- Better emotional stability

- Assits in lowering blood pressure

- Stress relief

If any of these symptoms ring true for you, perhaps consider trialling a form of relaxation exercise into your routine. Even once a week for 4 weeks, and see how you feel.

What have you got to loose?!

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