Day 23

Well, I just realised I have less than 40 days to go! 37 in fact.

I find it a little easier to break it down into smaller sections like this, than feel overwhelmed with the fact that I’m going 60 days without any of the liver loading item’s I’ve eliminated – which is coffee, processed food and processed sugar for those that haven’t seen any of my other posts. I’m still really just getting through day by day, and I’m pretty happy to say that on my way to work I was looking forward to my green tea! That is, however, after grinding up some coffee beans for my family’s morning coffee on the weekend and taking in a huge sniff and nearly melting over the amazingly good smell! Hah, I got a few chuckles for doing that, but I just couldn’t resist!

Does any one want to join me for the last 37 days of this detox? Or even the last 30? And it doesn’t need to be avoiding the things I’ve listed above, it could be anything! How about avoiding potato chips for 30 days (if you notice you’re eating them frequently)? Or deciding you will make a conscious effort to fill half you dinner plate with vegetables every day for 30 days? Or committing to get up half an hour earlier for 30 days and going for a walk? Or having no “screen time” after dinner for 30 days (e.g not watching tv, going on the computer, looking at your phone). Or committing to having breakfast every day?

Anything like these suggestions can be a challenge for anyone depending on their situations, and it would test your willpower and habits like you wouldn’t believe, but imagine if you feel a little better for trying something? What if you feel a bit more energised? Or a little less like you need a caffeine to get going in the morning?

You won’t know unless you try!

Hope everyone had a great Tuesday! No yoga for me tonight, I’ve decided to mix it up and go tomorrow night to a Hatha Flow class instead.

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