Day 20 & 21

What was supposed to be a weekend full of busy camping activities turned out to be a slightly wet weekend of activities at my parents place instead. This was the first weekend of staying somewhere out of home since I’ve started this detox and I knew it would be my biggest challenge yet.

Staying active over the weekend would be no trouble, with Saturday starting with a jog in the rain with the pooch.

Sunday I went for my morning walk, hit a local gym mid-morning, then walked up a nearby mountain in the afternoon. All things I love doing, and it was great to do some cardio exercise out in the fresh air!

The food on offer, however, proved to be the another story.

Saturday evening we went to watch a local band play in a pub. I opted for sparkling water with fresh lime to drink which was so very refreshing on a muggy afternoon. A few people we were with ordered some bar snacks, and as most of you will know that most of these foods do not fit the criteria of my liver-lovin’ regime. It was a gurelling hour when I had to sit within reach of wedges topped with sour cream, tomato salsa and cheese – my mouth is nearly watering thinking about it! The smell was overwhelming and the best I could do was drink my sparkling water super fast and just not look at it! It was super hard to say no, but I did and I knew my body deserved better than to have that food put into it.

That night was dinner at a restaurant, and I was fortunate enough to be able to negotiate a salad on the menu to suit my liver-lovin’ foods list. Hey even added extra spinach in for me!

Sunday night I didn’t do so good, and I had a feeling that a situation like this would arise at some point. I wanted to have dinner with my Nan, and we had not been to her house in quite a while so we invited ourselves over. Nan made a delicious vegetarian shepherds pie, which was topped with cheese, and also a celery and apple salad with mayo and a bean salad. I probably could have avoided this whole situation and told Nan right from when we invited ourselves over about my detox but sometimes there are times when being fussy and difficult is not worth the stress. I prepared myself for being faced with options that would not fit in my detox guidelines, and I also knew that one small meal out of all of the 60 days would not have a substantial effect on what I’m trying to achieve.

While the food I ate tasted delicious, it didn’t take long for the processed ingredients to make themselves known. Let’s just say slight bloating and flatuence followed the meal! It’s funny, I used to think these things were normal, and that I would always experience them after eating, but since changing my diet I have only been bloated once (twice if you include the above meal) and barely had any tummy issues at all.

Just goes to show – what you put in is what you get out! I’m looking forward to getting back to my normal eating routine with work, and knowing exactly is going into my body to help it perform.

You wouldn’t put petrol in a diesel vehicle and expect it to run properly would you!

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