Day 17 & 18

The last couple of days have been pretty good. I’ve noticed I’m quite tired, and I have a feeling that the last couple of weeks of most likely a calorie deficit intake is starting to have an effect. While my primary goal is definitely not fat loss, I need to monitor this to ensure I’m consuming enough food. As the nature of what I’m eating has changed, although not dramatically, it’s still different.

Packaged, processed foods nearly always contain more calories while having a less nutritional value, therefore cutting these out and replacing them with lower calorie higher nutritional value food means my body will be feeding on my fat stores for energy. I would not complain at all if I lost some body fat, but I want to emphasise that fat loss wasn’t the purpose of this detox – it is to give my liver a proper break any processed foods, drinks and caffiene that I have consumed, while not to an excessive amount, but still consumed over the past 10+ years. The side effects to this liver-lovin’ detox are obviously starting to show themselves, and I’m hoping it will eventually result in more energy, clearer skin and a more balanced hormone system!

I just need to keep telling myself this while my tummy tells me I need that toasted sandwich I can smell someone cooking for lunch….

I’ve decided that a little creativity is needed in the kitchen to keep me interested in this detox. We always try to take the easy option don’t we?! While grilled steak and veges are simple and quick to make, I feel like I need to make a liver-lovin’ version of something we regularly have to help make me feel like I’m not missing out. Tonights mission is spaghetti Bolognese with zucchini noodles. Zucchini’s are in abundance at the moment, and we have been given a few that need using.

Here’s some pictures of what it turned out like!

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