Day 13 & 14

Like last weekend, my routine didn’t differ too much. Although it’s a long weekend the hubby was working so the only time to really get away is inbetween milkings.

The weekends I find I need to keep myself busy, or else I start thinking about what food I haven’t eaten for a while (re: anything sugary?! - Will this get any easier??). Before I started this detox I cleared anything I couldn’t eat out of our pantry – except for things like oil, crackers, bread and all my baking ingredients because the hubby would need a lot of this food and where would I put all my baking stuff?! In a wardrobe? So the majority of temptations are out of sight anyway. HOWEVER, this disn’t really help my cause over the weekend. It doesn’t stop the sugar cravings, and it definitely doesn’t stop me from imaging anything sweet!

I thought, since I can’t actually eat any of the food I was craving at that point, I could at least experiment with a raw slice recipe or two I had been saving for a rainy day.

The first one was a ginger slice (recipe here!) which has gone straight into the freezer! I’ve had the thumbs up from my gineua pig (hubby) so it must be good. I can technically eat this ginger slice, as it doesn’t contain anything processed or any processed sugar, but it’s quite high in natural sugar from the dates. I will see if I can hold out – which may be difficult since I LOVE ginger!

The second experiment was a paelo nut and seed bread (derived from here). This was quite a lengthy experiment, as the loaf had to sit for at least 2 hours before putting in the oven. It turned out to be quite crumbly and didn't slice well so I'll have to try it again!

Thirdly, I came across a recipe for kale pesto. Since we have an abundance of kale in the garden I thought this would be a great way to use it up. The 15 leaves I picked barely made a dent in the plants, and since it grounds up so small it only made a small jar full, but it’s good to have a recipe handy for the rest of the kale now!

Lastly, a seed cracker recipe from . This was to use the following day for a picnic so that I wasn't missing out on everyone else having snacks. One of the hardest environments to stay on track with this detox is during social situations. I don’t want to miss out! So if I have an alternative that fits in the guidelines of unprocessed (not from a packet), processed sugar free and doesn’t contain alcohol then we’re in business. These tasty little morsels contained things such as sunflower seeds, flaxseed, chia seeds and LSA. And they went great with the kale pesto!

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