Day 8 & 9

The second week. So the first week went really fast and I had quite a determined mindset, so I feel I will really need to work hard to keep that going for the next 52 or so days.

I know I mentioned that I’m a creature of routine, HOWEVER I do still like to mix things up a little sometimes. So I decided to do my gym routine in the morning today. I am most definitely a morning person – you will know I’m very unwell if I can’t get out of bed as I’m usually always the first one up! So getting up for the gym has never been the problem – it’s the being organised enough to have my clothes packed up for work the next day, my breakfast, lunch and snacks prepared in the fridge ready to go, and not having anything to do around the house that can’t wait until the following evening that stops me gyming in the morning sometimes. This, coupled with it forecasted to be another scorcher of a day where I knew I would be the sweatiest person in New Zealand post afternoon workout, got me to the gym at approximately 6:46am.

My workout in the morning always sets me up for the day because I know it’s out of the way. On the days I do workout in the morning I do find I’m a lot hungrier during the day. I have to be careful here because I’m quite prone to the old “I’ve exercised today it’s ok if I eat this chocolate!” thoughts, which is fine once in a while, but not every day! Lucky I’m an organised snacker, so I have no choice but to only eat the things I packed the night before – leftovers from dinner last night for lunch, raw nuts and a plum.

They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade (or drink tequila?!). Well in this case I was given plums! So this evening’s activities (after a delicious fillet of fresh snapper with seasonal vegetables for dinner) were cutting and chopping nearly a whole bag of plums, then making up a plum chutney mix. The aroma of crushed cloves, ginger, cinnamon and all spice filled our house for hours. Unfortunately the recipe called for brown sugar, and since this was my first time making plum chutney I wasn’t too sure about substituting or reducing the amount or sugar, hence I won’t be doing the taste testing! Once I bottle it tomorrow night it needs to sit in a cool place before it can be used, so perhaps that will be one of my treats once these 60 days is up. I still have another whole bag of plums left, so I may try making the recipe again but with the sugar substituted for some honey or stevia perhaps.

Tuesday is Yoga day!

Can you tell I get excited about this?! It’s all I thought about until it was time – which was 6pm if you’re interested.

What happened between getting up this morning and the start of yoga was fairly non-eventful (and a solid 12 hours I might add, I didn’t get up at 5:30pm to be at yoga by 6pm!) however I’m happy to say still on track and still thinking about coffee.

Here's a few pictures of meals I've been having over the last few days. I'm adding the flavour through spices and herbs, instead of sauces and dressings.

I'm a fan of having a green juice or smoothie of some sort to complement my protein filled breakfast. It helps full me up for ages as well!

Chickpeas, quinoa and spinach with a bunch of roasted vegetables - good quality protein filled dinner!

No I didn't eat this entire plate full! I was tempted to though!

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