Day 6 & 7 - The Weekend!

Now, the weekend. I am most definitely a creature of habit – I always eat breakfast, I drink 2-3 litres of water a day, I like to have a shower every night before bed, the dishwasher must be turned on every night etc. etc. My routine doesn’t really change on the weekend in that I still get up at about 6am (I refuse to get up any earlier!) and walk the dog first thing. If hubby is working on the weekend then it’s generally not that much different to a weekday so we go to bed fairly early and don’t really eat out. BUT, there’s a big gap of time between my morning healthy breakfast and the evening meal before bed… a big one that can sometimes be full of temptations.

Saturday was no different as we were invited out for lunch with some friends. I know the meaning and value of wholefoods and eating healthy, so very rarely do I choose a really unhealthy option from a menu. Sometimes the healthiest option is not even very healthy, but in this case the café had a few salads to choose from. Chicken with raw caugette, basil, pumpkin seeds, grated beetroot – that sounds like something right up my alley! Hold the dressing and we’re in business.

Saturday night was a movie night, with a request for pizza. Pizza is basically a salad on bread, toasted in the oven right? Well that’s how I tried to see it! I didn’t put the lettuce on the pizza, and I didn’t have the sundried tomatoes on my salald. Compromise – and I still felt satisfied afterwards.

Sunday morning I meet with an awesome bunch of ladies for a bootcamp style workout. I look forward to this all week, and it’s a great way to finish off the weekend/start the new week. Hill sprints saw us through this Sunday session, and it was SOOOO hot, so my skin had it’s detox down pat from my sweat (ew!).

We had planned to go for a bike ride at some point over the weekend – take the pooch out for a run and maybe a swim. Sunday was our only chance and I’m glad I slapped on that sunscreen because it got fairly warm. All this exercise called for a relaxing afternoon, doing some work on this website (I hope you like it!).

I also tried my hand at making some plum relish. A colleague of mine gave me two bags of plums from his tree so half have almost been eaten, and the other half went in the pot. This wasn't a healthy or "clean" recipe I used, so I'll be waiting until this detox is over before I try it! The ginuea pig said it was pretty tangy but nice with his poached eggs on toast!

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