Day 5 - Trials and Triumphs

Well, I can honestly say that the whole morning I did not think about having a coffee until about 11am. And it was more of a “a hot drink would be nice – oooh coffee!” thought, than a “my brain is foggy, I need a coffee” thought.

I did have an incredibly rejuvenating green juice for breakfast (click here for the recipe!), which I think gave me a nice boost to start my day.

I watched a video last night about habits and forming new habits while letting go of old habits. It really hit home and made me think about what new habits I might form over this 60 days, and what habits I would like to move away from.

The guy in the video (this guy here!) talks about how we never REALLY get out of our old habits, as they are like lots of rubber bands pulling us in a certain direction. That direction, in some peoples case, may be towards a couple of glasses of wine a night, or towards eating a sugary dessert after dinner every day, or towards hitting the snooze button on your alarm every morning instead of getting up and going for that walk you promised yourself the night before. He suggests, intead, of making new habits, which are new rubber bands pulling you in a new direction, towards a healthier, balanced life. For example, that may be swapping the wines every second evening to soda water and fresh lemon, or having dessert only on the weekend nights instead of every night. Even changing your morning coffee with sugar to a green tea three times a week can make a difference.

All of these little new habits will be adding a rubber band every time, and eventually your old habits won’t be pulling as hard, because you now have new ones pulling you in the direction of a healthier you.

I thought about applying this to myself, and what habits I had let myself slip into that I wanted to change around. I think my biggest was having something sweet after dinner each night. I would always tell myself “not tonight” but after dinner it was all I could think about! I didn’t want to gorge myself, I just wanted a lil somethin’ to satisfy my sweet tooth. Before I knew it I was doing this every night of the week, and in reality I didn’t NEED those calories, nor was the item of food of any nutritional value. So that has been a big goal for me for this journey, and it’s definitely testing my willpower! Let’s just say brushing your teeth straight after dinner is a good action to take, I don’t feel like anything more to eat after doing that!

We have a Friday tradition at work where we knock off half an hour early and head into the tea room for a few drinks and nibbles. Boy did I think this was great when I first started! I’d park myself in front of the chips and dip and I didn’t hold back. The drinks didn’t phase me, I can quite easily say no to alcohol, but the chips and dip were something I found hard to resist. It was this regular Friday night gorge that got me wondering, if we are eating something once a week every week, is it still a treat? In this case it wasn’t. It was too regular. So I knew that this event would be hard, but I had mentally prepared myself with a few “you don’t need them” and “how good do you feel from the past week?!” thoughts.

I made it out alive!

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