Day 2 - The Struggle is Real

I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. As my 5:30am alarm blares I lie for a bit and wonder what muscle in my body is actually able to move… Luckily my arm can because that alarm needed to be thrown out the window! Pity my husband had just put up fly screens on our bedroom windows so that couldn’t happen…. I still dragged myself out for my morning 45minute walk with the pooch.

This is always my favourite way to start the day for a couple of reasons: Firstly the pooch is always SO excited to see you in the morning. It’s like her 8 hours of solitary confinement (in her kennel!) was just torture and she thought she would never have human contact ever again. I mean, how can you not smile when you’re greeted with happy grunts and a tail wagging at 70 miles an hour?! Secondly, waking up with the sun seems to wake my body clock up naturally. Every step I take my brain is a bit more alert, and I have a moment to think about my day ahead, what I’ll make for breakfast, how good my yoga class will feel this evening and how lovely the smell of our freshly cut lawn is. Thirdly, now that it’s getting a bit warmer I’m actually working up a sweat in the morning! How good is that – it’s not even 7am and I’ve already detoxed my skin with some sweat!

Until lunchtime I really struggled today. It was either the caffeine or sugar withdrawls, but all I could think about was how tired and low in energy I felt. It’s at these points in a detox where it’s important to push through – how easy it would have been to give in and just have a small coffee and all would be well again! But that’s not the point. My liver needs this break from these toxins, so by not having them I’m nourishing it. I must keep repeating that to myself!

I was also in a meeting that was meant to be 2 hours long, but it spanned to 3 hours instead in the afternoon. I had really been hoping for my afternoon tea snack for a little extra boost, but I only had time to gobble down my apple before heading off to yoga.

Yoga – the perfect way heal a body that’s sore from yesterdays gym workout! Hopefully no sore muscles after this.

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