Day 1 - The Start

Day one is always the easiest right? For anything! First day of your holiday is bliss – you can waste an hour patting your cat because you know you have your WHOLE holidays to do everything else required. First day of a new workout plan is ok, because it’s the next day the DOMS hit! Your first day at a new job is always exciting, but the second is the hardest because your brain feels like mush.

Well I beg to differ when it comes to the first day of a new eating routine. Breakfast I nailed – no sugar was an achievable feat and I’d just been for a walk in the morning sun so I was feeling good from my Vitamin D hit.

However, combine this with a never ending to-do list at work, and you get a slightly stressed, slightly overwhelmed Tessa, desperate for a coffee at the Monday morning meeting.

About 10:43 the caffeine urge got to a whole different level. I had already had a green tea and a peppermint tea but there was something missing! The herbal tea just wasn’t cutting it. I think if I wasn’t so swamped with work I would have found it a million times harder, but before I knew it it was lunchtime and I could scoff down my mixed nuts and roast chicken.

Come 3pm, I’m having a small concoction of orange juice, cream of tartar and pink himilayian sea salt. Chuck that back and I’m too busy reeling from the salty, acidity-ness that I forget about that half eaten chocolate bar I had found in my desk and thrown in the bin… This time of day is always the hardest for me, and in the past I’ve just had home made bliss balls (so all natural ingredients) but they are generally held together by dates. Now I know dates are a natural source of sugar but I’m really trying to cut back on anything with a high sugar content. They would most definitely be a better option than a chocolate bar so if you’re trying to make small changes in your diet, try that! At least the dates contain some nutritional content compared to a chocolate bar which has minimal.

I have a feeling that if I had not read a short article about a woman here in New Zealand who pushed her doctors to allow her to get the BRCA gene test, I may have given in to something non-liver loving. The doctors she visited would not refer her for the gene test unless she had a relative who tested positive, and with her family history of cancer she knew it was something she needed to peruse. I was happy to read that a relative in the UK tested positive for it which meant that she could also get the test. I’m not happy that any of them tested positive! I’m happy that they have that power of knowledge now, and can take control of their destiny, instead of the gene taking control.

Knowledge is Power

Dinner was very non-eventful, although I was ravishing after my gym workout. Please tell me there’s someone else out there who loves walking lunges as much as I do! What about pull ups? They are all I think about….

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