Oats, seeds, dried cranberries - need I say more?!

An old favourite re-vamped without the un-necessary sugar, additives and preservatives!

I keep a supply of these at our cowshed for everyone to grab when they need a little something to eat but don't have time to stop. They're filling, nutritious and convenient!

- 3/4c coconut oil

- 1/2c honey

- 1/4c peanut butter

- 4c oats

- 1/2c coconut

- 1/2c raw buckwheat

- 1/2c dried cranberries

- 1/4c sunflower seeds

- 1/4c pumpkin seeds

1. Heat oven to 160 degrees and line a baking pan with baking paper.

2. Place coconut oil, honey and peanut butter in a pot and heat until melted and mixed together.

3. Put the remainder of the ingredients in a bowl and mix up. wet ingredients into the town and combine well.

4. Press muesli bar mixture into the baking pan until it's firm.

5. Bake for about 40 minutes or until you can smell it's cooked and it's brown on top.

6. Slice into desired sizes. This stores well in the freezer!




Tessa Hopson
Lover of everything that nourishes her soul - especially poached eggs, dark chocolate, hill sprints and her hubby.
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