H.I.I.T stands for High Intensity Interval Training. This is a type of exercise that is designed specifically to increase fitness and to get your body into fat burning mode during and after the workout as it speeds up your metabolic rate.

The function of H.I.I.T is to perform intense bursts of movement for a short amount of time, then rest or recover for a set amount of time, before performing the movement again. This is then repeated a certain number of times, so by the end of the workout you would be left feeling like you have done exercise for a long amount of time when in reality it may have only been 15 minutes.


By increasing your heart rate in a short burst, then letting it slow down before starting again, your body uses fat stores for energy at the time of the workout, and in the 24 hours after. Performing a H.I.I.T workout 3 times a week can improve your aerobic and anaerobic capacity - which means being able to perform more explosive exercises and also develops your endurance.


The great thing about H.I.I.T workouts is that they can be performed anywhere, and you do not need equipment to get the results you are after. Below are some examples of H.I.I.T workouts that can be performed in the gym, at home and while on holiday.



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