This is something I have been making for a few years now, and it’s a great way to get creative with things to put in the muesli. I always make the base oats and dried quinoa, but have been known to add in buckwheat as well. Anything that is fairly fulling and easily baked can be used – quinoa flakes or puffed amaranth for example.

Store bought muesli is often loaded with sugars and unnecessary sweetners, just have a look next time you’re in the supermarket and see the order of ingredient list – sugar doesn’t need to be anywhere in the first 5 listed!

Instead, use natural wholefoods to sweeten the muesli when you’re serving it. Fresh berries, fruit or a dash of honey will do the trick!




- 4c wholegrain rolled oats

- 1/2c uncooked quinoa

- 1/4c coconut oil

- 1 1/2c mixed nuts, roughly chopped (I use almonds, macadamias, cashews and walnuts)

- 1/4c pumpkin seeds

- 1/4c sunflower seeds

- 1/2c coconut (this can be shredded, desiccated or flakes)

- 1c chopped dried fruit, optional (I’ve used apricots, raisins and dates)




1. Pre-heat oven to 170 degrees. Line a big baking tray with cooking paper (you may need two trays it they aren’t very big)

2. Mix oats, quinoa and oil in a bowl until it looks like oats and quinoa are lightly coated in oil

3. Lay oat mixture on lined tray so that’s it’s even. Bake for 10-15 minutes, stirring frequently. You don’t want the outside bits to burn!

4. Roughly chop the nuts and lay on another lined tray, evenly. Bake this in the oven for 5-10 minutes. If you smell the nuts burning check them and mix them up a little. Watch out for the macadamia nuts, they brown easily!

5. Chop up the dried fruit and leave to one side

6. Once oat mixture and nut mixture is done, leave to cool for 10 minutes

7. Mix all remaining ingredients in a large bowl with oat and nut mixtures. Store in an air tight container.




Greek yoghurt, honey, cinnamon, fresh fruit and berries are great toppings to try. The variations are endless! Mixing in chia seeds and linseeds are a great way to add protein and vitamins as well.

I sprinkle this on smoothies or the top of fruit salads as well, for an extra crunch.




Serving suggestions

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