Tessa Hopson
Lover of everything that nourishes her soul - especially poached eggs, dark chocolate, hill sprints and her hubby.
Health inspiration

What is in the Kickstart Guide?

  • Learn what I do every day to feel energised and empowered.

  • A detailed overview of what nourishing food is and how easy it is to prepare.

  • 21 day meal plan including some recipes.

  • Quick workouts to do at home or in the gym.

  • 21 day exercise guide.

  • Tips on maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle.

  • Weekly meal plan template + example.

  • Advice on how to take charge of you health and wellbeing.

  • Information on how to empower yourself to life a happy and energised life.


What is the Just Live

21 Day Health Kickstart Guide?

An exclusive guide to help you kickstart your health journey.

Years of personal experience, trial and error, food education and an overall healthy mindset has helped me create a comprehensive guide to show you that eating healthy and exercising is easy!

21 days is the perfect amount of time to create healthy habits, try new tasty recipes and develop a love for your health.